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Funds raised US$496,977,834
Nets funded 225,596,122
People protected 406,073,020

South Africa

With some of the worst malaria suffering taking place on our doorstep, there was no doubt the swimming community in South Africa would be involved in this initiative.

The first 5,000 swimming will come from a number of different groups who have offered support.

Schoolchildren: The Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA) respresents some 370 schools in South Africa. The United School Sports Association of South Africa (USSASA) has links with all schools here. Both have been instrumental in encouraging participation. Schools across the country will have students, teachers, parents, family and friends swimming. In many schools the swim is being linked to lessons to further raise awareness of malaria. We are delighted that so many children will be taking part.

Masters Swimmers: South African Masters Swimming (SAMS) is proud to have been one of the first groups globally to pledge its support for World Swim For Malaria. Fitness, fun and friendship is our motto. Combine that with swimming, a global event, and the importance of this cause, of course we're swimming. We aim to have as many non-masters swimmers as masters swimmers come to the swims we organise.

Triathletes: Triathlon SA represents the triathlete community here. Many of our clubs will be participating with our swims involving club members and non-members - family and friends - to make our contribution a community effort.

Total Raised: 842 LLINs (US$ 3,661)
 #Group/team/person Location CountryDate# Nets
150 St Andrews School for Girls Johannesburg South Africa 28 Nov 05 315
75 Uplands College World Malaria Swim White River South Africa 03 Dec 05 35
27 Old Eds Master Swimmers Photos Houghton South Africa 03 Dec 05 123
275 Wahoo Aquatic Centre Sunninghill, Johannesburg South Africa 03 Dec 05 109
200 Herschel Girls School Cape Town South Africa 01 Dec 05 248