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Funds raised US$613,684,552
Nets funded 279,746,353
People protected 503,543,435

Why US$2.00 per net?

There are different brands, insecticide compositions, shapes and sizes of LLIN. All influence the cost of the net. The most frequently distributed nets are large, family-sized nets which typically cost between US$2 and US$3.

As at Jul 2024: The current average price for a net is close to US$2.00.

We achieve at least equal lowest price in the world for nets due to the support of net manufacturers, buying in large quantities and paying immediately. This allows us to maximise the number of nets bought for funds raised.

The first LLINs we bought in 2005 cost US$5. In the intervening period the cost of nets has fallen through US$4 and US$3 to US$2 and lower for some nets. The average price of a net is now about US$2.00. This price reduction has been due largely to two factors: economies of scale and competition. Manufacturers have scaled up capacity over the years as the number of nets funded globally has increased and competition amongst manufacturers has increased, particularly as more companies have gained WHOPES approval for their products.

100% of all public donations purchase LLINs.