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Funds raised US$440,368,243
Nets funded 212,089,248
People protected 381,760,646

AMF in the Media

31 May 2021 The Business of Giving The Against Malaria Foundation: Lessons from a Perennial Top-Rated Charity - Denver Frederick
12 Jan 2021 The Minamalists podcast Joshua and Ryan talk about reducing - or maybe even eliminating - obligations
21 Dec 2020 Vox.com These are the charities where your money will do the most good - Dylan Matthews
14 Dec 2020 Sam Harris podcast #228 – Doing Good - A Conversation with William MacAskill
12 Jul 2018 The New York Times Beyond the Cave Rescue: Failing to Save Other Children’s Lives - Charles Bresler and Peter Singer
02 Jun 2018 The Economist Can "effective altruism" maximise the bang for each charitable buck? - Unattributed
22 Dec 2017 The Washington Post With tax reform, you might want to donate more this year. An expert weighs in on how to give wisely. - Allison Klein
03 Dec 2017 The Observer The millennials donating 10% of their pay to save the world - Suzanne Bearne
02 Dec 2017 The New York Times For the Holidays, Pull a Tooth or Save a Life - Nicholas Kristof
16 Dec 2016 SWR Der Lebensretter für 2,50 Dollar - Mark Kalbus
01 Dec 2016 Business Insider The top 7 charities in the world — and how much you should give to each - Chris Weller
28 Nov 2016 The Telegraph Let's bring the bargain-hunting Black Friday spirit to choosing charities on Giving Tuesday - Will MacAskill
21 Jun 2016 Huffington Post How Can You do the Most Good with Your Charitable Giving? This Expert’s Answers Might Surprise You - Linch Zhang
20 May 2016 Cleveland.com Panama Papers solution to global want - tax money stashed overseas - Gleb Tsipursky
11 May 2016 Varsity How we can make charity better, with Rob Mather - Patrick Wernham
28 Apr 2016 Tages Anzeiger Für Griechenland-Flüchtlinge spenden? – «Eher nicht» (Donate for Greek refugees? - "I'd rather not") - Linus Schöpfer
25 Apr 2016 Huffington Post One of the Most Prolific Killers in the World Can be Stopped — for $2.50 - Lynch Zhang
15 Mar 2016 Time The Wounded Warrior Project Scandal Should Encourage More Philanthropy - Gleb Tsipursky
12 Feb 2016 Matador Network Want To Show Someone You Love Them? Give Them A Valentine’s Gift That Saves The World - Matt Hershberger
05 Feb 2016 Fortune This Animal Is Humanity's Deadliest Enemy - Chris Taylor
01 Feb 2016 Inside Philanthropy Wow, This Young Foundation Is Giving Away Seriously Big Bucks for Global Health - Sue-Lynn Moses
27 Jan 2016 Huffington Post Lindsay Lohan's Luxury Blankets for the Less Fortunate - William D. Beaver
01 Dec 2015 The Independent How to make a difference this Tuesday - Will MacAskill
01 Dec 2015 Vox.com These are the charities where your money will do the most good - Dylan Matthews
30 Nov 2015 Interview Effective Altruism: A Better Way to Lead an Ethical Life - Will MacAskill - Kamal Ahmed
17 Nov 2015 Medium The Shockingly Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference in the World - Will MacAskill
09 Oct 2015 Quartz This couple lives on 6% of their income so they can give $100,000 a year to charity - Will MacAskill
01 Oct 2015 Huffington Post How to Save Lives From Beyond the Grave - Joey Savoie
25 Sep 2015 Quartz Here's how to find a career that is both personally satisfying and will make a difference - William MacAskill
24 Sep 2015 Huffington Post Charity Needs a Scientific Revolution and We Can Make it Happen - Joey Savoie
22 Sep 2015 The Guardian Extreme altruism: should you care for strangers at the expense of your family? - Larissa MacFarquhar
18 Sep 2015 Financial Times More bang for your donated buck - Judith Evans
09 Sep 2015 Washington Post How do you quantify 'good'? - Catherine Hollander
01 Sep 2015 The Big Issue We should buy clothes made in sweatshops - William MacAskill
20 Aug 2015 Tech Insider Doing Good Better by Wiliam MacAskill - Review: if you read this book, you'll change the charities you donate to - David Shariatmadari
30 Jul 2015 Vox.com You have 80,000 hours in your career. Here's how to do the most good with them. - Dylan Matthews
29 Jul 2015 Tech Insider The world's best charity figured out the cheapest way to save a human life - Chris Weller
15 Jun 2015 The Atlantic The Greatest Good - Derek Thompson
11 Jun 2015 Philosophy Bro Peter Singer’s Drowning Child Argument - Philosophy Bro
11 Jun 2015 The Huffington Post Together We Can Eradicate Malaria - Hauke Hillebrandt
20 May 2015 Vox.com Choosing where to donate to charity is tough. Here's a simple guide to help. - Dylan Matthews
24 Apr 2015 Vox.com You have $8 billion. You want to do as much good as possible. What do you do? - Dylan Matthews
23 Apr 2015 The Huffington Post The #1 Killer Of Pregnant Women Can Be Stopped For $6 - Nico Pitney
05 Apr 2015 NY Times The Trader Who Donates Half His Pay - Nick Kristof
12 Mar 2015 The Huffington Post Here Are The Charities You Should Support, According To Data - Nico Pitney
09 Dec 2014 The Washington Post How to give to charity like an economist - Matt O'Brien
24 Apr 2014 NY Times Donating, and Making Sure the Money Is Put to Work - Ron Lieber
31 May 2013 The Washington Post Join Wall Street. Save the world. - Dylan Matthews
20 May 2013 TED The why and how of effective altruism - Peter Singer
12 Feb 2013 CBS News Businessman gives up career to fight malaria in Africa - Tina Kraus
10 Jan 2012 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Another Facebook Co-Founder Gets Philanthropic - Caroline Preston
11 Dec 2011 NY Times Gifts That Say You Care - Nick Kristof
20 Jul 2008 NY Times Geezers Doing Good - Nick Kristof