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AMF in the Media

01 Mar 2023 decorrespondent He was your average consultant - until he started the biggest movement against the biggest killer of children (Dutch)
English version (pdf)
- Ruger Bregman
20 Dec 2022 The Globe and Mail Getting the most bang for your charitable buck isn’t easy - André Picard
25 Nov 2022 Great.com Great talks with... Against Malaria Foundation - Erik Bergman
25 Apr 2022 National Philanthropist Trust Against Malaria Foundation Looks Towards a Future Free of the Deadly Disease - Aly Semigran
09 Nov 2021 Charity Intelligence, Canada Top 10 Impact Charities of 2021
09 Nov 2021 Charity Intelligence, Canada Top 10 International Impact Charities of 2021
31 May 2021 The Business of Giving The Against Malaria Foundation: Lessons from a Perennial Top-Rated Charity - Denver Frederick
12 Jan 2021 The Minamalists podcast Joshua and Ryan talk about reducing - or maybe even eliminating - obligations
21 Dec 2020 Vox.com These are the charities where your money will do the most good - Dylan Matthews
14 Dec 2020 Sam Harris podcast #228 – Doing Good - A Conversation with William MacAskill
12 Jul 2018 The New York Times Beyond the Cave Rescue: Failing to Save Other Children’s Lives - Charles Bresler and Peter Singer
02 Jun 2018 The Economist Can "effective altruism" maximise the bang for each charitable buck? - Unattributed
22 Dec 2017 The Washington Post With tax reform, you might want to donate more this year. An expert weighs in on how to give wisely. - Allison Klein
03 Dec 2017 The Observer The millennials donating 10% of their pay to save the world - Suzanne Bearne
02 Dec 2017 The New York Times For the Holidays, Pull a Tooth or Save a Life - Nicholas Kristof
16 Dec 2016 SWR Der Lebensretter für 2,50 Dollar - Mark Kalbus
01 Dec 2016 Business Insider The top 7 charities in the world — and how much you should give to each - Chris Weller
28 Nov 2016 The Telegraph Let's bring the bargain-hunting Black Friday spirit to choosing charities on Giving Tuesday - Will MacAskill
21 Jun 2016 Huffington Post How Can You do the Most Good with Your Charitable Giving? This Expert’s Answers Might Surprise You - Linch Zhang
20 May 2016 Cleveland.com Panama Papers solution to global want - tax money stashed overseas - Gleb Tsipursky
11 May 2016 Varsity How we can make charity better, with Rob Mather - Patrick Wernham
28 Apr 2016 Tages Anzeiger Für Griechenland-Flüchtlinge spenden? – «Eher nicht» (Donate for Greek refugees? - "I'd rather not") - Linus Schöpfer
25 Apr 2016 Huffington Post One of the Most Prolific Killers in the World Can be Stopped — for $2.50 - Lynch Zhang
15 Mar 2016 Time The Wounded Warrior Project Scandal Should Encourage More Philanthropy - Gleb Tsipursky
12 Feb 2016 Matador Network Want To Show Someone You Love Them? Give Them A Valentine’s Gift That Saves The World - Matt Hershberger
05 Feb 2016 Fortune This Animal Is Humanity's Deadliest Enemy - Chris Taylor
01 Feb 2016 Inside Philanthropy Wow, This Young Foundation Is Giving Away Seriously Big Bucks for Global Health - Sue-Lynn Moses
27 Jan 2016 Huffington Post Lindsay Lohan's Luxury Blankets for the Less Fortunate - William D. Beaver
01 Dec 2015 The Independent How to make a difference this Tuesday - Will MacAskill
01 Dec 2015 Vox.com These are the charities where your money will do the most good - Dylan Matthews
30 Nov 2015 Interview Effective Altruism: A Better Way to Lead an Ethical Life - Will MacAskill - Kamal Ahmed
17 Nov 2015 Medium The Shockingly Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference in the World - Will MacAskill
09 Oct 2015 Quartz This couple lives on 6% of their income so they can give $100,000 a year to charity - Will MacAskill
01 Oct 2015 Huffington Post How to Save Lives From Beyond the Grave - Joey Savoie
25 Sep 2015 Quartz Here's how to find a career that is both personally satisfying and will make a difference - William MacAskill
24 Sep 2015 Huffington Post Charity Needs a Scientific Revolution and We Can Make it Happen - Joey Savoie
22 Sep 2015 The Guardian Extreme altruism: should you care for strangers at the expense of your family? - Larissa MacFarquhar
18 Sep 2015 Financial Times More bang for your donated buck - Judith Evans
09 Sep 2015 Washington Post How do you quantify 'good'? - Catherine Hollander
01 Sep 2015 The Big Issue We should buy clothes made in sweatshops - William MacAskill
20 Aug 2015 Tech Insider Doing Good Better by Wiliam MacAskill - Review: if you read this book, you'll change the charities you donate to - David Shariatmadari
30 Jul 2015 Vox.com You have 80,000 hours in your career. Here's how to do the most good with them. - Dylan Matthews
29 Jul 2015 Tech Insider The world's best charity figured out the cheapest way to save a human life - Chris Weller
15 Jun 2015 The Atlantic The Greatest Good - Derek Thompson
11 Jun 2015 Philosophy Bro Peter Singer’s Drowning Child Argument - Philosophy Bro
11 Jun 2015 The Huffington Post Together We Can Eradicate Malaria - Hauke Hillebrandt
20 May 2015 Vox.com Choosing where to donate to charity is tough. Here's a simple guide to help. - Dylan Matthews
24 Apr 2015 Vox.com You have $8 billion. You want to do as much good as possible. What do you do? - Dylan Matthews
23 Apr 2015 The Huffington Post The #1 Killer Of Pregnant Women Can Be Stopped For $6 - Nico Pitney
05 Apr 2015 NY Times The Trader Who Donates Half His Pay - Nick Kristof
12 Mar 2015 The Huffington Post Here Are The Charities You Should Support, According To Data - Nico Pitney
09 Dec 2014 The Washington Post How to give to charity like an economist - Matt O'Brien
24 Apr 2014 NY Times Donating, and Making Sure the Money Is Put to Work - Ron Lieber
31 May 2013 The Washington Post Join Wall Street. Save the world. - Dylan Matthews
20 May 2013 TED The why and how of effective altruism - Peter Singer
12 Feb 2013 CBS News Businessman gives up career to fight malaria in Africa - Tina Kraus
10 Jan 2012 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Another Facebook Co-Founder Gets Philanthropic - Caroline Preston
11 Dec 2011 NY Times Gifts That Say You Care - Nick Kristof
20 Jul 2008 NY Times Geezers Doing Good - Nick Kristof