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Funds raised US$568,065,442
Nets funded 257,023,772
People protected 462,642,790


We place great emphasis on transparency. This influences the information we publish. We list every donation we receive, all information concerning a distribution and its impact, and publish significant detail about how we operate and make decisions.


We list all donations received and link each to a specific distribution. Donors see exactly where the nets they fund are distributed.


We publish all information and data associated with a distribution. This includes detailed malaria case rate data and post-distribution survey information.

Other information

We describe how we make decisions, the status of current distributions, progress with future distributions, our level of recurring donations and our governance mechanisms. Our annual accounts are easily accessible, including an 'Easier-to-understand' presentation of our numbers, as are our reporting schedules.

If there is information you cannot find, please ask us.