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Funds raised US$615,781,991
Nets funded 280,795,073
People protected 505,431,131

About mosquito nets

We only buy long-lasting insecticidal nets with the money we receive

We only purchase WHOPES Phase II (WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme) approved nets. They are tested and approved as being safe.

What is a Long-Lasting Insecticidal Net (LLIN)?

An LLIN is a mosquito net impregnated with insecticide.

The insecticide is cleverly bound within the fibres that make up the netting and is 'slow released' over a 4-5 year period. Hence 'long lasting'.

Insecticide treated nets therefore provide two levels of protection. First as a mechanical barrier against the bites of malaria-carrying mosquitoes and second as a means of killing mosquitoes on contact with the insecticide.

Insecticide coated nets are so important because they kill mosquitoes that land on them, drawn to the nets by the odour of the person sleeping beneath it. This 'knock down' or killing of the mosquito is the single greatest thing that protects the person sleeping under the net. Nets can develop small holes over time and on nets not treated with insecticide mosquitoes can find their way through and bite. With insecticide treated nets, even with a few holes, they still remain 90 to 95%+ effective, as when the mosquito lands on the net it is knocked down and killed.

These nets are safe for children as the quantity of insecticide a child might ingest by licking their hands after touching the net are small enough not to cause any harm. The small amounts that transfer to the relatively tiny mosquito however, which is a million times smaller* than a small baby, is enough to kill it.

Other net types:

Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs)

These are simple mosquito nets that have been treated with an insecticide. These nets require 're-dipping' to restore the insecticide element every 6-12 months. Re-dipping involves soaking the nets in a bucket of insecticide solution and then hanging them up to dry.

These nets are effective but are not as favoured as LLINs due to the re-dipping required, which is a messy operation, and which often does not get done.

Simple mosquito nets

These are nets without any insecticide treatment.