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Remembering and honouring Dr Sylvia Meek

It is with great sadness that I share the news that Sylvia Meek passed away last week.

Sylvia's encouragement and support of AMF, right from the very start as a member of our Malaria Advisory Group and for the last 10+ years, has been important and influential. Amongst meetings and many conversations with Sylvia over the years I particularly remember one occasion when she encouraged very gently, but wonderfully insistently, that we ask someone to offer us advice saying '...and if they don't, I might just knock on their door!' She was a stalwart friend of AMF and knocked on lots of doors.

She will be very much missed by all here.

Included below is an email that is self-explanatory that I also wished to share.

Dear Friends

In case the news has not reached you, with real sadness I would like to inform you that Sylvia Meek, Technical Director of the Malaria Consortium passed away recently following an 18 month battle with cancer.

Many of us have known Sylvia for over 20 years during which time we remember her for her selfless dedication to the fight against malaria. Sylvia will be remembered in our malaria community for much more than all her technical knowledge and expertise, more than her fantastic abilities to fight on the ground, but as an exceptional human being.

However hard we try, as we continue on our journey towards a malaria free world, we will not progress unless we carry forth not only what Sylvia Meek has contributed to the science of malaria control or elimination but also what she exemplified as a person. She will continue to live amongst us for a very long time.

Wish you all good health.


Sunil Mehra
Co-Founder and former Executive Director, Malaria Consortium

In memory of the silent and long-lasting leader in our malaria community, Sylvia Meek