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Funds raised US$440,314,938
Nets funded 212,062,595
People protected 381,712,671

Donation of cryptocurrency

We accept several types of cryptocurrency donations. Please use the link revelevant to your country. There is currently a US$100,000 total daily limit. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to .

Cryptocurrencies accepted: BTC - Bitcoin, BCH - Bitcoin Cash, ETH - Ether, XRP - XRP, DOGE - Dogecoin, LTC - Litecoin, SHIB - Shiba Inu

US donors

UK donors

All other donors

This links to the BitPay (UK) portal which caters for all BitPay donations, whatever the donor's country. The donation will be to the AMF entity that matches the donor's country i.e. AMF (Germany), AMF (Canada), AMF (Australia) etc. The tax receipt issued will match the donor's country for all countries where AMF has a registered charity.

A BitPay ID is now required of all of our customers paying with BitPay, due to recent changes in the regulatory environment. This is a one-time, easy process that collects your basic identity information so that you can continue using BitPay. For more information about the BitPay ID process, please see BitPay's help article: What is BitPay ID verification? What documents are accepted? or contact support@bitpay.com.