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Funds raised US$541,099,169
Nets funded 246,834,247
People protected 444,301,645


AMF currently has a team of twelve; Rob and Andrew, who have both worked at AMF since its inception; Peter, who has been involved as a trustee from the start and spends about half his time on AMF; Shaun who joined in 2016; Julian in 2017; Ruth and Maeve at the start of 2022, and Richard, Alicja, Jeremy, Izabel and Neil in 2023. Many organisations have supported or do support AMF pro bono and many individuals have volunteered or do volunteer their time and expertise and assist AMF in significant ways. The members of the AMF team are:

Rob Mather

Andrew Garner

Peter Sherratt

Shaun Walsh

Julian Austin

Ruth Hattersley

Maeve Lalor

Richard Voyce

Alicja Szałapak

Jeremy Salwen

Izabel Alvares

Neil Gudka
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