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Funds raised US$615,767,306
Nets funded 280,787,731
People protected 505,417,916

Reporting schedules

As a registered charity in many countries we are required to submit official accounts and related information. We aim to do this in the quickest and most efficient way possible and, for reasons of transparency, we are sharing our schedule for each region where such submissions are necessary.

We will be adding schedules for all the countries in which we report over the next few weeks.








New Zealand

South Africa




Schedule of financial and related reporting: AMF (UK)

-12m -3m +3m +12m

Preparation of annual accounts

We aim to be efficient in what we do to minimise the time we spend on administrative tasks and maximise the time we spend on core charitable activities. We are required to file audited annual accounts each year. We file accounts in the UK (audited, global consolidated accounts), US, Canada, Australia, Ireland (audited) and several other countries. We aim to minimise the time it takes us to prepare them. We also aim to minimise the time the auditor needs to complete their review by ensuring all information required is available at the start of the audit and there are no errors to correct. We have brought technology to bear and the preparation of our accounts globally is highly automated.

At the end of our financial year it now takes us one day to prepare our accounts for audit.

This is reflected in the date by which we file our end of year accounts, post audit. Information for the filing of our global consolidated accounts is shown via the link and in the graph.