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Partnering with AMF

Many companies and groups donate a portion of the revenues or profits from a product to AMF. We are very grateful for this generosity and welcome people approaching us with ideas. We have policies in place that guide how these relationships are structured and potential plans do need to be approved by AMF. Further details below.

Sale of a product: 100% of revenue

AMF may approve these where 100% of the revenue flows to AMF. In this case, the AMF logo can be used in any publicity material and it is fine both to mention in advance of a sale that 100% of the revenue will pass to AMF and include a page on the organisation's website describing support for AMF.

Sale of a product: Less than 100%

AMF does not allow its name to be used in advance of or during the sales process when a product is being sold and a percentage less than 100% of the revenue will be passed to AMF. We are very happy for organisations to indicate publicly that they support AMF but we do not allow language that makes a link between donations to AMF and the sales of a product. This is to avoid the appearance that AMF's brand is being used to generate sales or profits for a company. We recognise this is rarely the intent of the company. However, there have been cases involving other charities where revenues have been generated from an association with a charity and little was passed on, resulting in negative publicity.

Other donations

We are very happy for organisations to indicate publicly that they support AMF. An organisation could decide, for example, to support AMF by donating a fixed or variable amount each month, often on a dedicated fundraising page, and make staff and customers aware of this support. We do ask that we are informed, ideally in advance, so we can provide information and support as appropriate and ensure there are no issues we wish to raise.

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Quick link: www.AgainstMalaria.com/PartneringWithAMF