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Participants 508,297
US$ 118,958,088
Nets 43,908,551

Future distributions

We are assessing a series of distributions for which we may fund nets. Assessments are at different stages.

Being assessed

Broadly speaking the assessment of a potential distribution progresses through the steps shown below from left to right.

  Completed step
  Meaningful progress
  New update

Recently approved  

Detailed discussion stage*

Country L, 2017
- 1.1M LLINs
10Oct16 - Discussions complete w NMCP+co-funder. Final stage underway with distribution partner.
Country N, 2017
- 2.9M LLINs
10Oct16 - Discussions complete with co-funder and NMCP. Agreement phrasing being finalised.

Information stage

Country C, 2018-19
- 15-25M
10Oct16 - Co-funding agreed in principle. Awaiting funding for next step.
Country B, 2018
- 10-15M
10Oct16 - Co-funding agreed in principle. Awaiting funding for next step.
Country A, 2018
- 10M LLINs
10Oct16 - Co-funding and other key partnerships agreed in principle. Awaiting funding for next step.

*As soon as detailed discussions are complete for a potential distribution we will publish full distribution details.

Information stage

This stage involves establishing if there is a need for nets, that there are no other funding sources for the distribution and understanding the nature of the distribution being planned, its timing and potential partners. At this stage there is no implicit or explicit commitment from AMF to fund nets.

Detailed discussion stage

This stage involves discussing details such as distribution verification elements and post-distribution follow-up. These are discussions that aim to lead to a signed agreement. Early in this phase there is an implicit understanding AMF is discussing details in good faith with the funds in-hand to cover the nets being considered.

Future distributions assessment process more

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