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Participants 495,936
US$ 35,869,061
Nets 11,301,386

World Swim Against Malaria

  • As many people as possible swimming
  • Raising money to fight malaria
  • 100% of the money buys nets


  • More than a million people die each year
  • 70% of them are children under 5
  • #1 killer of pregnant women
  • Malaria is preventable


  • A net is the most effective means of prevention
  • US$3 per net
  • 100% of the money buys nets


  • You see exactly where the nets you fund are distributed
  • We add photos and video of each distribution
  • We monitor net use and malaria case data
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 Latest sponsors and donors

 Sponsor/Donor Amount
Initiative Nancy muzzy US$50.00
Initiative BPP CAN$70.00
Initiative Anonymous US$100.00
Initiative Hope Blacker US$9.00
Initiative NAL asd €165.00
Initiative Michelle Weiner US$60.00
Initiative Lovemando, Darya,... US$50.00
Initiative Ethel Gullette US$15.00
Initiative Morgan Rowe US$30.00
Initiative Jesse. US$12.00
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 Latest net distributions

# LLINs Location CountryStatus
160,000  Health Zone 01 TBC Status
140,000  Health Zone 01 TBC Status
10,000  Ntcheu District Malawi Status

Latest photos and video

# LLINs Location Country  
96,500  Health Zone ... Congo...
3,175  Rukwa (phase 3) Tanzania
4,890  Nambazo I (N... Malawi
1,629  Ruvuma Tanzania
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Our aim

One million people swimming.
All on the same day.*
All over the world.
Raising funds for nets.

Your participation

Please swim! Alone, with friends, as a group, as a club, as a company. In a pool, in the sea. One length of the pool, a km, more. You decide. It's your swim so you choose with whom, how, where (and when). Be part of an attempt at a million swimming!

About World Swim

In 2005, the first World Swim Against Malaria achieved 250,000 people swimming in 130 countries. We raised $1.3m. 100% bought nets to protect some 500,000 people.

How you can help

register a swim

donate now

Quick link to this page: http://www.againstmalaria.com/WorldSwim