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Funds raised US$589,865,924
Nets funded 268,011,212
People protected 482,420,182

Behind the Scenes

We show this information to be transparent but also for those who might be interested in some of the things that go on behind the scenes in managing the charity.

Many of AMF's systems are automated. This means many activities are handled very efficiently requiring only a few minutes of oversight each month. Importantly, it also means we are able to do things we would otherwise not be able to do because they now require minimal resources.

1. Allocating donations to distributions

We have a fully integrated system for donation management, donation allocation and distribution management. This integration is necessary for us to allocate donations to distributions so you can see where the nets you fund are distributed.

4. Converting and locking all donations in US$

It is important all non-US$ donations are converted to and 'locked' in US$ so we know how many US$ we have to buy nets. This underpins our ability to allocate donations to distributions.

2. Reporting on Post-Distribution Check-Ups (PDCUs)

We have designed a bespoke highly automated system so we can keep you informed about net use. The system is able to manage the entry, review and making public large quantities of data and other information. We are working with partners to extend this further as technology advances.

5. Sending personal thank yous to donors

We personally write to all donors who donate more than US$200 or who make a recurring donation, and to all schools and young donors where they can be identified.

3. Managing Gift Aid

An automated system for managing Gift Aid is important for efficiency but it also allows us to follow-up with offline donors which we might not otherwise be able to do.

6. Monitoring new donations

We review every donation AMF receives which helps us to manage allocation, communication and reporting.