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Matthew Stacey

Location Tavistock, England 
05 Dec 2005

Hi everyone. My name is Matt and I am currently a member of the National Swim Squad at Kelly. I am glad to be involved with this worthy cause, so please give us your dosh!!!!!!!!! No matter how small, it all counts to the grand total. Thanks.   

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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/MattStacey2005
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1,200   Mudasomwa & Naruguru Rwanda Jul 06 Logo Red Cross Status

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Preetam Kumar 14 Dec 05 Milton Keynes £3.00 £3.00 £0.84 Good luck & Well done Click here to see details of the distribution in Rwanda which this donation has helped to fundflag Status 24

Subtotal  £ 3.00
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