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Funds raised US$440,388,619
Nets funded 212,149,436
People protected 381,868,985
Location Toronto, Canada 
03 Dec 2005
Group: Rotary International (+ Interact & Rotoract)

I think the front page says it all:

The equivalent of 7 jumbo jets full of children die every day from malaria (3,000 children per day, every day).

Malaria is preventable.

The single most effective way of preventing malaria is to have people in affected regions sleep under a US$5 long-lasting mosquito net.

This swim is for a great cause. How often is it that a charity can gurantee you that 100% of your donations will be put for purchasing mosquito nets? Not very often that's for sure.
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 1    3  (CAD 20)
Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/bosco2005
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2,600   Hu'la: Capelongo Angola Jan-Feb 07 Logo UNICEF Status

Bosco Tung 03 Dec 05 Toronto CAD20.00 CAD20.00 seeing that no one has bothered and the event is in 30mins, I'll do the honors.. Click here to see details of the distribution in Angola, Angola which this donation has helped to fundflag Status 47

Subtotal  CAD 20.00
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Total raised  CAD 20.00