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Participants 532,615
US$ 177,619,554
Nets 79,771,795

Sportan, HAIFA Malaria Mashers

Location Haifa, Israel 
03 Dec 2005

Post-swim update:

It was a summery day in Haifa. I was happy to be joined in the pool by friend and colleague Nicky Worms and am especially grateful to my partner Adi Mahalel who came to cheer us on and take pictures of the event.
As I swam I thought about how every pool length I covered represented TWO bed nets (~$1200/120 = $10!). I also thought about Jeffery D. Sacks' vision for for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, a set of clear targets for **measurably** reducing poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation, and discrimination against women by 2015.
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