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Participants 529,645
US$ 151,230,282
Nets 66,240,366

FIECON Donation

Location St Albans, England 
01 Aug 2016

FIECON help support the pharmaceutical industry in delivering safe and effective treatments to patients across the world. Our company has a vision to ‘make a positive difference in the lives of others’ by the work we conduct with our clients and through our donations to charity.

This year we went through a rigorous process of identifying charities that are focussed on public health, malnutrition, shelter and education.
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# PeopleNets
 4    28,053  (US$ 55,181)
Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/FIECON
Distributions this page helped fund
# LLINs Location CountryWhen By whomStatus  
167,640   Eastern Region, Budaka District Uganda Jan-Mar 17 Logo NMCP/Various Status
1,150,000   Region 02 TBC Jul-Sep 18 Logo TBC Status

 SponsorDateLocationAmountUS$MessageNets funded
FIECON 01 Sep 17 St. Albans £30,990.00 US$39,991.05 This donation has been PROVISIONALLY allocated to a distribution. Click here for more detailsflagP Status Photos ecpected Videos expected 20,05136,092
FIECON 01 Aug 16 St. Albans £11,485.00 US$15,190.15 Click here to see details of the distribution in Uganda which this donation has helped to fundflag Status Photos ecpected Videos expected 8,00214,404

Subtotal  US$ 55,181.19
Gift Aid  US$ 0.00
Total raised  US$ 55,181.19