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The Run to Better Days 2017

Location Cairns -> Rockhampton, Australia 
07 Jul 2017

We're the Run to Better Days - a group of young people who for the last 5 years have done a huge run in conjunction with speaking at schools, universities and community groups about Global Poverty, and what we as individuals in an affluent society can do for people living in extreme poverty.

We're not just keeping them in our thoughts, we're putting out money where our mouth is, and fundraising for AMF, one of the most evidence-based, cost-effective and transparent organisations there is, and generating action to end Global Poverty.
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Participants: Julian Pecora, Simon Johnson, Chris Pitcher, David Uprichard, Matthias Wust, Roisin Lyons, Toby Sen Gupta, Courtney Woods, Tarun Sen Gupta, Wendy Billeter , Carl Pinkstone, Christina Hannah, Max Hankin, Hailey Smith, Anirudh Chipiri, Annie faint, Grace Gough, Kate O’Donohue, Luke Milkota, Nathanael Davidson


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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/RTBD17
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