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Participants 513,349
US$ 137,494,391
Nets 52,598,267
Location São João da Boa Vista, Brazil 

Just keeping track of some of my contribution to this very important cause   

# PeopleNets
 1    157  (US$ 280)
Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/adonisds
Distributions this page helped fund
# LLINs Location CountryWhen By whomStatus  
148,700   Kara Region, Kozah Health District Togo Jul-Aug 17 Logo NMCP/Various Status
1,150,000   Region 02 TBC Jul-Sep 18 Logo TBC Status

 SponsorDateLocation AmountUS$MessageNets funded
Adonis DS 03 Sep 17 São João da Boa Vista US$30.00 US$30.00 This donation has been PROVISIONALLY allocated to a distribution. Click here for more detailsflagP Status Photos ecpected Videos expected 1527
Bruna R. Neves 01 Oct 16 Rio Claro US$250.00 US$250.00 Click here to see details of the distribution in Togo which this donation has helped to fundflag Status Photos ecpected Videos expected 143257

Subtotal  US$ 280.00
Gift Aid  US$ 0.00
Total raised  US$ 280.00