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Participants 537,762
US$ 212,103,947
Nets 97,638,225

Old McDonald Had a Farm, and b1ng0 was his name-o.

Location Ottawa, Canada 

be, one, non-governmental organization;
be, one, non-governmental organization;
be, one, non-governmental organization;
and b1ng0 was his name-0.

The internet believes this charity is the best
By how much I'll let you decide the rest
Collapse this wave (hi(gh)) function no less
syncopate the beat and let me beg to confess
my love in these rhymes and this kind of address
Jah bless
Monstercat with the musical manifest
now let's just hope these do the job, them nets

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# PeopleNets
 1    158  (CAN$ 420)
Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/w0nt0nz
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6,000,000   Region 1 TBC Jan-Dec 20 Logo TBC Status

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Higher TC 09 Sep 18 OTTAWA CAN$420.00 CAN$420.00 This donation underwritting a PROVISIONAL distribution. Click here for more detailsflagU Status Photos ecpected Videos expected 159286

Subtotal  CAN$ 420.00
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Total raised  CAN$ 420.00