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/r/Drama Against malaria

Location Palestine, Palestinean Territory 

Donate here or the skeeters will get you   

# PeopleNets
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Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/rslashDrama
Distributions this page helped fund
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95,500   Bassar District, Kara Region Togo Jun-Nov 20 Logo NMCP/Various Status

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 SponsorDateLocationAmountUS$Gift AidMessageDistributions
/u/Shitposting_Skeleton 13 Dec 18 BussyVille US$50.00 US$50.00   This is good for mayocide Click here to see details of the distribution in Togo which this donation has helped to fundflag Status 2545
Redactor0 05 Dec 18 Portland US$20.00 US$20.00   1018
/u/luxaeterna101 04 Dec 18 Prato €8.56 US$10.00   Also, please tell me if you're gonna hold a fundraiser to switch from ASP.net, I'd be very glad to donate to that too.
ASP.net kills just as much as malaria.
/u/luxaeterna101 04 Dec 18 Prato €102.69 US$120.00   Greetings from Germany! Long time viewer, first time donator. This donation goes towards killing malaria.
PS: reported to the IRS for tax evasion
/u/20171245 03 Dec 18 Calgary CAN$6.90 US$5.32   Flair: "Radical Centrist on the Autism Spectrum" 24
skyrimporn64 03 Dec 18 Joe Mama US$5.00 US$5.00   Mosquitos are agents of chinese imperialism. 24
/u/aqouta 03 Dec 18 chicago US$50.00 US$50.00   It's all over for blood beecels 2545
ffbtaw 02 Dec 18 Iqualuit CAN$50.00 US$38.58   1832
/u/Icyartillary 02 Dec 18 Neptune US$10.00 US$10.00   The frozen wastes of the land I call home cannot compare to the ice in the souls of every democrat 59
Particle_Man_Prime 02 Dec 18 cheeseburgers US$5.00 US$5.00   MOSQUITOES DID NOTHING WRONG 24
u/MaitreDuLogos 02 Dec 18 Bussy €6.90 US$8.06   Malaria BTFO 👌😂😎😤 35
Pepperglue 02 Dec 18 Texas US$60.00 US$60.00   mosquito is the public animal of White Supremacy. 3054
Strictlybutters 02 Dec 18 Minneapolis US$50.00 US$50.00   2545
mygoodpostingalt 02 Dec 18 a grave US$51.01 US$51.01   >paying for flair
kill me
/u/dootwthesickness_II 02 Dec 18 None a yo bizness US$50.00 US$50.00   Sorry for not donating sooner, but I needed to decide what I wanted for a picture flair. 2545
shaneoffline 01 Dec 18 America US$51.00 US$51.00   More like mosque-itos 2545
YHofSuburbia 01 Dec 18 Pussy CAN$30.00 US$23.15   Radical centrism will win 1120
e-guy 01 Dec 18 LA US$50.01 US$50.01   cropped porn counts as a flair, right? 2545
Redactor0 01 Dec 18 Portland US$10.00 US$10.00   SRDines, ask me about my white savior complex 59
Tobans 01 Dec 18 Elliottsburg US$10.00 US$10.00   This, but ironically. 59
Sponsors 1 to 20 of 24
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