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Funds raised US$352,514,613
Nets funded 168,174,574
People protected 302,714,233

Subreddits Against Malaria

Subreddits of all different kinds, coming together to help end malaria!

Over the years we have held a number of fundraisers to help protect people at risk from malaria for those nice people at AMF. You can see below the history and how we have done!

The generosity shown by people is something else. Like it or not, you are all AWESOME.

Note: On the fundraising pages you can click through to below, donor details are not seen by the creator of the fundraising pages and are held confidentially. The only donor information seen is that which the donor decides to make public.

Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/SubredditsAgainstMalaria
 PagesLocationTotal USD# Nets raised 
Subreddits Against Malaria 2020 (+) Reddit US$ 76,504.25 32,065 Donate
Subreddits Against Malaria 2019 (+) Reddit US$ 15,773.18 9,534 Donate
Subreddits Against Malaria 2018 (+) Reddit US$ 69,991.83 37,448 Donate
Subreddits Against Malaria 2017 (+) Reddit US$ 62,449.15 33,434 Donate
Total Σ US$ 224,718.41112,481
Total raised   112,483