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Funds raised US$503,173,950
Nets funded 228,584,207
People protected 411,451,573

Knitters Against Malaria

We are global and we are Knitters Against Malaria.

For several years now, from 24th December to the end of January, we have held an annual fundraiser to help protect people at risk from malaria.

You can see below the history and how we have done!

Together we have protected tens of thousands of people, particularly children under 5 and pregnant women who are the most affected, when they sleep at night from the bites of malaria carrying mosquitoes.

The generosity shown by people is something else. Like it or not, you are all AWESOME.


Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/knitters
 PagesLocationTotal USD# Nets raised 
Knitters Against Malaria 2023 Global US$ 20,364.19 8,026 Donate
Knitters Against Malaria 2022 Global US$ 33,642.87 16,154
Knitters Against Malaria 2021 Global US$ 25,671.73 13,417
Knitters Against Malaria 2020 Global US$ 15,787.45 9,643
Knitters Against Malaria 2019 Global US$ 28,115.67 13,093
Total Σ US$ 123,581.9160,333
Total raised   60,346