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Participants 556,951
US$ 347,831,556
Nets 165,831,122

Pedal To The Metal

All Seniors Care cyclists are putting Pedal To The Metal to make the world a better place!

Between April 1st – 23rd, ASC seniors and staff are raising money for life-saving mosquito nets as they virtually cycle through countries where malaria is still prevalent. Malaria kills one child every 60 seconds – that’s about 1,000 children every day. The insecticide-treated bed nets have been shown to reduce malaria illness, severe disease, and death.

Get involved in the friendly rivalry as seniors compete to see which residence recruits the most riders and raises the most money. Support our senior cyclists directly or donate through the individual residence pages.


Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/ASC
 PagesLocationTotal# Nets raised 
All Seniors Care Living Centres Toronto, Ontario CAD 6,239.62 2,471 Donate
MacTaggart Place Edmonton, Alberta CAD 4,529.50 1,801 Donate
River Ridge 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba CAD 3,700.98 1,484 Donate
Seine River Winnipeg, Manitoba CAD 3,089.50 1,261 Donate
Preston Park 1 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CAD 2,225.10 893 Donate
Sturgeon Creek 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba CAD 1,877.51 746 Donate
Courtyards on Eagleson Kanata, Ontario CAD 1,530.00 600 Donate
College Park I Regina, Saskatchewan CAD 1,595.33 632 Donate
Beacon Heights Ottawa, Ontario CAD 1,676.92 676 Donate
Shaftesbury Park Winnipeg, Manitoba CAD 1,534.27 607 Donate
Sturgeon Creek 2 Winnipeg, Manitoba CAD 1,424.10 553 Donate
Summit Heights Hamilton, Ontario CAD 1,775.00 707 Donate
River Ridge 2 Winnipeg, Manitoba CAD 1,246.50 498 Donate
Preston Park 2 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CAD 1,632.55 654 Donate
Laurel Heights Edmonton, Alberta CAD 1,558.00 619 Donate
Auburn Heights Calgary, Alberta CAD 1,357.50 548 Donate
Lewis Estates Edmonton, Alberta CAD 987.50 400 Donate
Rutherford Heights Edmonton, Alberta CAD 1,212.82 483 Donate
Victoria Landing Brandon, Manitoba CAD 829.25 331 Donate
Fox Hollow London, Ontario CAD 1,083.99 430 Donate
Résidences de la Gappe, Phase 3/4 Gatineau, Quebec CAD 810.00 322 Donate
Sage Hill Calgary, Alberta CAD 576.53 233 Donate
Cedarcroft Place Stratford, Ontario CAD 800.11 322 Donate
College Park II Regina, Saskatchewan CAD 786.71 314 Donate
Résidences de la Gappe, Phase 1 Gatineau, Quebec CAD 600.00 237 Donate
McCarthy Place Stratford, Ontario CAD 436.38 173 Donate
St. Albert St. Albert, Alberta CAD 584.42 235 Donate
Summerwood Village Sherwood Park, Alberta CAD 350.00 141 Donate
Chateau Symmes Aymer, Quebec CAD 330.00 134 Donate
Chapel Hill Orleans, Ontario CAD 480.00 183 Donate
Cite Parkway Ottawa, Ontario CAD 304.41 120 Donate
Résidences de la Gappe, Phase 2 Gatineau, Quebec CAD 124.00 49 Donate
Lakeridge Heights Whitby, Ontario CAD 0.00 0 Donate
Total Σ CAD 47,288.5018,857
Total raised   CAD 47,288.50