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Funds raised US$462,734,028
Nets funded 224,489,520
People protected 404,081,136

Raise/MWA 2022

Linked to: Raise (MWA)
Location Cambridge, Durham, Glasgow, Oxford, Warwick, England 
Raise is an award-winning initiative which encourages students to adopt a more positive, deliberate approach to effective giving.

Raise invites students to donate an amount significant to them, doubled through matched funding, to charity. We then host a Summer Party at the end of the academic year to celebrate our collective impact.

We encourage students to take this positive, meaningful approach to giving forwards into their future lives, ultimately creating a culture whereby deliberate, effective giving is normalised at university and beyond.

To find out more and get involved, visit: www.joinraise.org

Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/Raise2022
 PagesLocationTotal# Nets raised 
May Week Alternative 2022 Cambridge £ 2,000.00 1,102 Donate
Raise Durham 2022 Durham £ 0.00 0 Donate
Raise Glasgow 2022 Glasgow £ 0.00 0 Donate
Raise Oxford 2022 Oxford £ 0.00 0 Donate
Raise Sheffield 2022 Sheffield £ 0.00 0 Donate
Raise Warwick 2022 Warwick £ 0.00 0 Donate
Total Σ £ 2,000.001,102
Total raised   1,102