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Funds raised US$541,310,771
Nets funded 247,031,900
People protected 444,657,420

Microsoft CSS, Save a coffee, save a life

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This is your chance to help protect the people of Malawi from malaria!

Microsoft CSS is mobilising its resources to raise malaria nets, the best way of preventing malaria.

We have kicked off a number of projects to make a difference in Malawi, both in education and health. These areas are key to creating a better future for the people of Malawi.

For all volunteers, this page will show the results of your local fundraising actions!

Be creative. Be generous. Be what's next. Be CSS!


Quick link to this page: https://www.AgainstMalaria.com/CSS
 PagesLocationTotal# Nets raised
Germany US$11,853.96 2,852
Reading US$10,873.95 2,681
Issy les Moulineaux US$2,214.95 538
Lisbon US$2,044.05 493
Roma US$1,731.28 376
Prague US$371.21 89
Tokyo US$369.92 89
Madrid US$246.82 53
Dubai US$165.58 37
EMEA US$127.09 34
Warsaw US$94.56 22
Istanbul US$65.00 15
Redmond US$49.30 11
Cairo US$12.07 2
Total raised   7,300