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Funds raised US$568,386,830
Nets funded 257,184,466
People protected 462,932,039

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Angel & Harry Luk, from Vancouver, Canada, donated 477 nets to protect 859 people on 27 Dec 2023 and left this message:

quotesConfessions of a Recent GWWC Pledger (Boxing Day Giving?!) >> https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/CryjzhyHaBZKdkYkw/confessions-of-a-recent-gwwc-pledger-boxing-day-giving

"Boxing Day as another opportunity to support effective charities and give instead of buy. Known for its shopping frenzy, we plan to use this day to give back instead of joining the crowds for deals. It's a chance to redirect our resources towards those in need, following Jesus' example of compassion and challenging societal norms.

As we reflect on our giving journey, we're reminded that generosity isn't confined to a single day or event. It's a lifestyle that aligns with our Christian faith and values, about recognizing the needs of others and finding opportunities to make a difference, whether through financial contributions, acts of kindness, or heartfelt prayers."quotes

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Tshikula ZdS, Congo (Dem. Rep.)  
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Nets: 96,650  Date: Dec 24-Jan 25

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