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Funds raised US$507,572,696
Nets funded 230,360,447
People protected 414,648,805
will save the lives of 50 children!"

Hannah McLean, Dean Kent

Follow our progress!
15-21Oct05 1,610 kms under the belt. Swam across Libya and are now near Ableche in Chad!
22-28Oct05 1,600 kms across the Central African Republic and now near Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo
29-04Nov05 1,520 kms further on and now near Luena in Angola!
05-11Nov05 1,410 more kms and now reached the beautiful Okavango Delta in Botswana!
12-18Nov05 1,320 kms this week and now near Kalahari Desert in South Africa
19-25Nov05 Reached Cape Agulhas one of the most southerly points in South Africa! We�ve just swum across Africa together!

The Team

Moss Burmester

Liz Coster

Alison Fitch

Cameron Gibson

Melissa Ingram

Dean Kent

Hannah McLean

Helen Norfolk

Glenn Snyders

Corney Swanepoel

Scott Talbot-Cameron

Michael Buck

Dean Burger

Calle Durham

Christopher Hotchin

Emma Hotchin

Michael Jack

Rebecca Linton

Cameron Stanley

Te Rina Taite

Robert Voss

John Zulch
Millenium Institute of Sport and Health

North Shore Senior Swimming

Our target:
1,000 bednets
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Hannah McLean