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Funds raised US$566,156,826
Nets funded 256,320,066
People protected 461,376,119

200,000th donation and 4 x US$1m!

These numbers illustrate AMF's two equally important categories of donation and our progress.

Majority donors

Most donations range from a few dollars (and £, €, CAN$, NZ$, AUS$ etc) to many thousands. In the most recent financial year we received 51,882 donations totaling US$49.1m (up from $14.1m the previous year) and we are thrilled to have just received our 200,000th donation!

We are really pleased there are donors in so many countries, 182, contributing together to the fight against malaria.

Major donors

A few of the donations we receive are for hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. We are delighted to have received news of four donations, each for US$1m, from donors who visited two of our projects in Africa. Together, they will allow us to buy another two million nets to protect 3.6 million people.

Both groups of donors are important to AMF's work. Without the combined power of the majority donors, our bedrock support, we could not fund the millions of nets we do. Without the major donors, we would not be able to increase significantly the quantity of nets we fund.

We are so grateful for your support. Thank you.