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Funds raised US$507,480,988
Nets funded 230,322,843
People protected 414,581,117

99% of the way to USD ¼ billion!

We are closing in on a major milestone thanks to you.

We are 99% of the way to reaching a quarter of a billion dollars raised since AMF started!

This total has been reached thanks to 532,458 donations from 137,500 people from 192 countries.

These funds have allowed us to buy 114 million nets to protect 206 million people with the estimated impact of these nets (once all are distributed and have been in place for three years) being ~100,000 lives saved, 50 to 100 million cases of malaria averted and local economies improved by US$3 billion (12x the total raised). When people are ill they cannot farm, drive, teach - function - so the improvement in health leads to economic as well as humanitarian benefits.

Thank you for your wonderful support - and we’ll announce reaching US$ ¼ billion when we get there!