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Funds raised US$545,284,252
Nets funded 249,108,173
People protected 448,394,711

AMF’s immediate funding gap

Funds Status Page (as at 26th November 2020)

We have added to the Transparency section of our website information that shows AMF’s immediate funding gap.

This is the funding we could put to work immediately to protect people when they sleep at night to save lives and prevent illness from malaria.

We have sufficient funds raised to cover our core funding and all the programmes we have previously committed to. The immediate funding gap reflects the great potential impact AMF could have with further funds. All publicly raised funds are used exclusively to buy nets.

The page shows

  • a summary: funds in hand able to be committed, funds committed, funds available to be committed, AMF approved programmes seeking funding and the resulting immediate funding gap.
  • detail: project level information for a) funds committed (both for nets and monitoring costs); b) AMF approved programmes seeking funding

Information is updated ‘real-time’ i.e. as donations are received, costs posted and commitments made.

AMF’s immediate funding gap