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Funds raised US$566,150,796
Nets funded 256,317,051
People protected 461,370,692

A change in the way AMF allocates donations to distributions

Up until now we have allocated donations chronologically, but we will now allocate first those for which the donor has a donation-tracking link (this is automatically sent to all online donors and to offline donors who have received a letter) as this allocates as quickly as possible donations that donors can follow.

We are making this change as donor feedback is clear that being able to follow the progress of nets is appreciated and we wish to maximise the number of donors able to do so.

We have always allocated (and will continue to do so) all donations individually to specific distributions so donors can follow exactly where the nets they fund are distributed. However, whilst all donations are listed on the AMF website, not all donations are 'identifiable by the donor' (and able to be tracked) as this depends on the contact information the donor provides.

Donations that the donor can track are: all donations made online; those offline donations for which we have an email address; and many offline donations for which thank you letters have been sent. This is because all these donors have supplied sufficient contact information allowing us to send them a 'donation-tracking link'.

Donations that are 'not identifiable by the donor' are allocated to specific distributions once other donations have been allocated.

We provide more detailed information on how we categorize donations on our Allocating donations page. The new section we have added is 'Categories of donations and the order in which they are allocated to a distribution.'