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Funds raised US$545,723,423
Nets funded 249,329,072
People protected 448,792,330

Congratulations to Anna Doubell on her English Channel Swim

Image from: https://doubs-swims.squarespace.com/ecswim

We don't generally blog about a fundraising event, completed or otherwise, but an English Channel Swim is different.

What's different is that it is an extraordinary challenge. It is rightly one of the iconic challenges. 21 miles, as the crow flies, you and a swim suit and some grease to keep you warm-er. It requires years of training, courage, fitness and a never-give-up attitude. You have to swim some of it in the dark, cope with the wind, tides, swells, jellyfish and possibly sea-sickness when you are close to physical and mental exhaustion. You can't touch the support boat and are burning calories faster than you can take them in. Most failed attempts come through people running out of stamina - physical or mental.

So, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to Anna Doubell for successfully completing her English Channel swim! An incredible achievement. Anna swam the channel in 12 hours and 24 minutes.

Anna has also raised A$8,444 (at time of writing) for AMF that will fund 3,131 long-lasting insecticidal nets that will protect 5,600 people when they sleep at night from the bites of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that would otherwise cause severe illness, or worse. These nets can be expected to save the lives of two people and prevent several thousand cases of malaria.

Anna, a huge well done - and thank you.

PS: If you’d like to understand a little of what it takes to be a Channel Swimmer, watch this.