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Funds raised US$482,421,905
Nets funded 231,991,454
People protected 417,584,617

December 2015 Update

As 2015 draws to a close we would like to thank all who have supported and worked with AMF this year as without donors, distribution partners, volunteers and pro bono supporters we would not be able to do what we do in contributing to the fight against malaria. Thank you!

Distribution update

We have just completed, or are currently carrying out, three distributions in Malawi (Balaka and Ntcheu districts) and DRC (North Ubangi district) totalling 1.37 million nets, protecting 2.5 million people.

Post-distribution net use check-ups

There are post-distribution net use check-ups just completed or ongoing in four locations ensuring we have data on how the protection of communities changes over time.

Future distributions

We have made significant progress with discussions in five countries requiring individually between 2 million and 15 million nets for the period 2016 to 2018 and expect to make announcement in the first part of 2016.

We are aiming to secure a further US$50 million for the projects we are currently considering.

AMF top ranked!

AMF has again been top-ranked by the three leading organisations 'dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities'.

GiveWell has ranked AMF their #1 charity, for the fourth time in five years, and recommends to donors:
"For those seeking our recommended allocation, we simply recommend giving to the top-ranked charity on the list, which is AMF."

Giving What We Can has confirmed AMF is again a top-ranked charity for the fifth year in a row.

The Life You Can Save has AMF as a top-ranked charity for the fifth year in a row.

US$22.8m grant

We are absolutely thrilled to have recently been awarded a US$22.8m grant by Good Ventures, the San Francisco based philanthropic foundation. We see this grant as transformational for AMF, allowing us to support larger scale distributions.

We are also delighted to have received two US$1,000,000 donations from US based donors, who visited one of our programmes and carried out detailed due diligence before making this commitment.

A suggestion for the Christmas/Holiday season!

Donate nets instead of gifts.

We send the recipient/s an email (on a date you choose e.g. 25th Dec) with your personal message and a link to their 'gift page', allowing them to follow the progress of their nets.

May we wish you a very happy and healthy 2016!

Rob, Andrew, Cath and Peter