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Funds raised US$365,656,546
Nets funded 174,717,068
People protected 314,490,722

Decoding the 100% donation

We believe being completely transparent about where your donations go is essential to the fight against malaria. But it might come as a surprise to some we ensure 100% of the money you donate will buy bed nets. After all, every net requires other expenses: administration, distribution, and so on.

So how are these costs covered? First, many companies and individuals help in important ways and do so for free. Our list of supporters gives an idea of how many groups work behind the scenes to ensure donor money goes directly to nets. Second, to cover the few costs we do have, a small group of trustees and private donors contribute. Thirdly, organizations distributing nets cover the distribution costs.

In such a way, every partner in malaria intervention can address malaria the way they know how. Companies fund the services they are familiar with, distributors cover the costs of their work, and donors provide the nets they know will matter. This process ensures every participant knows they are helping meaningfully, which only strengthens our work. Importantly, it means funds donated for nets do just that, buy nets.

If you want to help in a way other than donating (as those listed on the People to Thank page) please contact us.