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Funds raised US$481,995,351
Nets funded 231,778,177
People protected 417,200,719

First-hand, independent view of the Balaka, Malawi distribution

When people, be they donors or not, contact us and ask to visit an AMF net distribution, be it to help out or view the process, we say yes. We are always supportive of people seeing for themselves what goes on with a distribution of nets.
Sophie and Richard Morgan chose to raise funds for AMF from January 2013 as an activity to accompany their return by car from Sydney, Australia to the UK involving driving from the south to the north of Africa. All funds they raised (http://www.AgainstMalaria.com/morgansafari) were allocated to a distribution in Malawi and they were keen to visit the distribution to help distribute the nets they helped fund. Our distribution partner - Concern Universal, Malawi - was happy to help out and welcome them to the distribution team.
Sophie and Richard have written, with photographs, about their distribution experience. It gives a good first-hand insight into what goes on during a distribution.
It is worth mentioning, no-one at AMF has met Richard and Sophie, although we hope to when they are back in the UK, and their blog post was unsolicited.
We will report in the coming months on the levels of net use and on malaria rates in Balaka District.