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Funds raised US$488,667,138
Nets funded 223,440,612
People protected 402,193,102

Great video from Kenya

We ask our all distribution partners to take video footage of nets being distributed. This is part of our whole transparency ethos and we feel it is an important part of connecting the people providing the solution to the people facing the problem. Here is a gem of a video from a distribution in Kenya.

It relates to a distribution in Lokichogio that took place back in March last year and it is beautifully done, with some real care taken in editing and providing a soundtrack. It gives a very good feel of what we are all about. You can see more information about this distribution on our website. As with all of our distributions, this page will show you all the relevant information, from the people whose fundraising made the distribution possible through to the proposals and post-distribution reports from AMREF, the distribution partner. This is a fundamental part of our commitment to absolute transparency and accountability as well as providing the tangible proof that 100 per cent of the funds raised is used to buy nets.