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Funds raised US$566,181,015
Nets funded 256,332,160
People protected 461,397,888

Madness Against Malaria is reaching an exciting conclusion

Madness Against Malaria is down to two teams. The Beantown 'Skeeter-beater Tetra-peaters have won the competition 3 years running and are aiming to make this their 4th title. This year they are up against newcomers Nests Shop who have been one step ahead of the current champions all through the final with lots of back and forth.

As I write the two finalists have raised over US$ 5,000 between them in the final round alone! That is enough to buy nearly 1,200 long lasting nets, protecting 2,400 children, on average. Currently Nests Shop have the edge, but only by 27 nets!

With only one day to go who will prevail? Check out the teams and lend them a hand!