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Malaria vaccine update

Everyone involved in malaria control has a fervent wish a malaria vaccine is found.
There is what could be bad news about one potential malaria vaccine.
"An experimental malaria vaccine once thought promising is turning out to be a disappointment, with a new study showing it is only about 30 percent effective at protecting infants from the killer disease.
'If it turns out to have a clear 30 percent efficacy, it is probably not worth it to implement this in Africa on a large scale', said Genton Blaise, a malaria expert at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute in Basel, who also sits on a WHO advisory board. He said the vaccine might work better under certain conditions but more research was needed.
Scientists have been working for decades to develop a malaria vaccine, a complicated endeavor since the disease is caused by five different species of parasites. There has never been an effective vaccine against a parasite. Worldwide, there are several dozen malaria vaccine candidates being researched.
Eleanor Riley of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the vaccine might be useful if used together with other strategies, like bed nets. She was involved in an earlier study of the vaccine and had hoped for better results. 'We're all a bit frustrated that it has proven so hard to make a malaria vaccine,' she said. 'The question is how much money are the funders willing to keep throwing at it.'
WHO said it couldn't comment on the incomplete results and would wait until the trial was finished before drawing any conclusions."