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Funds raised US$365,658,024
Nets funded 174,717,807
People protected 314,492,053

Malawi, Ntcheu District: net use assessment 24-months post-distribution

The 24-months post-distribution net use check-up (PDCU) was conducted in Ntcheu District during December 2013/January 2014.  9,250 households across all 37 health centre catchment areas in the district were visited, unannounced, to assess net use and condition.
The data are being entered now and may be viewed as they are being entered in Malawi.
As soon as all data have been entered we will also publish a summary of the results.
The specific nature of the data - at the health centre level - means the District Health Officer (DHO), health centre leaders, community leaders and other health workers are able to decide what targeted malaria control intervention might be appropriate in specific areas. In circumstances where health systems and resources are stretched, information that assists with targeted interventions can help with effective use of resources and that is the aim of this information.
Background: 270,000 LLINs were distributed in Ntcheu District in January to March 2012. A 6-months post-distribution check-up of net use and condition was completed in June/July 2012 and a 12-months post-distribution check-up completed in April/May 2013.