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Funds raised US$365,642,900
Nets funded 174,710,245
People protected 314,478,441

Nets Part Of Global Fund’s Brazil Malaria Effort

Against Malaria's mission to fight malaria by distributing nets was validated on Tuesday November 17 when the Global Fund announced they were committing EUR37 million over five years to treat and prevent malaria in Brazil. The Global Fund committing capital after learning that a reported 99% of malaria transmission in Brazil happens in the Amazon. While the project aims to both prevent and treat, it specifically mentions the planned distribution of insecticidal mosquito nets, actions Against Malaria have been taking for years. In addition to countless net distributions across Africa, Against Malaria has already distributed 2,000 nets in Peru thanks to a partnership with Amazon Promise, and 3,500 nets in Nicaragua, via a partnership with Project Concern International. Every individual can continue to help save lives by donating to Against Malaria, which has no administrative costs and puts 100% of donations toward net purchases.