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Funds raised US$615,804,232
Nets funded 280,806,193
People protected 505,451,147

Operational planning (12 months) and planning horizon (18 to 24 months)

The operational plan for a distribution typically covers 12 months. The planning horizon for a specific distribution is, however, typically 18 to 24 months as discussions to assess and approve a distribution start six months earlier and the funds required (we need to have funds in hand in order to have serious discussions) are aggregated in the preceeding months.
For the distribution in Balaka (Sep/Oct 2015), recently announced, the sequence of operational steps (simplified) are:

Nov 14: Distribution (new timing) confirmed
Dec 14: Budgets agreed
Jan 15: Planning starts
Feb 15: Pre-distribution registration survey (PDRS, all households) planning document received
Apr 15: PDRS carried out, including verification activities and report received
Apr 15: Nets ordered
Jun 15: Nets produced
Jun 15: Nets shipped (two month transit time)
Aug 15: Nets arrive in country, pre-positioned
Sep 15: Distribution of nets (Sep and Oct 2015)