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Participants 553,523
US$ 286,000,052
Nets 134,532,012

PwC's Abseil of The Century

On 8 September 2009, PwC UK Board members, their PAs and other carefully selected thrill-seekers/mad people will be taking the plunge for AMF in a sponsored abseil at their Embankment Place headquarters in central London.

This is just one of the many events that PwC have held in recent years in support of AMF and a group of 8 staff will be going out to Senegal in mid-August 2009 to work with local PwC Senegal staff and Peace Corps Volunteers on a distribution of some of the bednets bought with the $430,000 raised by PwC to date. If you're around Embankment on 8 September, come and see the guys in action.