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The impact of Peter Singer's recent TED talk

Peter Singer gave a TED talk recently in which AMF featured prominently. The talk was made public ten days ago and the impact on donations has been noticeable, particularly the number of recurring donations set up.
Typically, 5% of donations made to AMF are recurring. In the last ten days, the proportion of recurring donations has been 43%.
The donations made specifically as a result of Peter's TED talk so far total $65,700. Adding (potential) recurring donations during the next 11 months of $49,400 would amount to $115,100 in 10 days. This equates to 38,000 nets = 68,000 people protected.
AMF now has 964 recurring donations contributing a total of $54,000 a month, equating to an annualised $580,000 on a trailing three-month basis. You can see the latest recurring donation figures on our Behind the scenes page.