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Funds raised US$463,612,186
Nets funded 224,928,599
People protected 404,871,478

Transparency: Recurring donations

Over the coming months we are going to make public, information and data behind the workings of AMF. Transparency is a central element of our philosophy and we hope the information will both be of interest to supporters and donors and help answer questions about how we operate and make decisions.

Recurring donations
Whilst rapid progress can be made against malaria (see recent results in Ntcheu, Malawi), sustained action and sustained support are key to securing permanent malaria reduction. Recurring donations to AMF are one of a number of indices we follow to assess how we are performing and engaging support. They currently represent a small proportion of the funds AMF receives, approximately 5%, but the number and total value of recurring donations is growing. We are publishing here monthly totals for recurring donations so others can see the numbers and follow progress. 100% of these funds buy nets.