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Participants 556,692
US$ 346,760,723
Nets 165,295,706

Twelve month post-distribution survey in Malawi under way

Continued use of nets is very important and every six months a post-distribution survey is carried out to assess net usage and net condition. The data collected are used to determine if additional community-level malaria education activities are required. All data are published.

The six months post-distribution survey for Ntcheu, Malawi, of 7,657 households and 15,768 nets showed a hang-up (usage) level of 90% and the percentage of nets in a very good condition of 99% (ninety nine).

The twelve months survey is now under way and the results are being entered as the survey forms come in. You can see the data, which is being updated in real time, on the summary page. The data will then be checked before being added to the main Ntcheu distribution page.