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Funds raised US$568,065,442
Nets funded 257,023,772
People protected 462,642,790

Update on potential future distributions and funding gaps

We are currently discussing funding for four net distributions that require nets in early to mid-2017.

We are in a position to discuss these distributions as a result of the many individual donations that have allowed us to ring-fence US$24.9m and enter discussions with the relevant National Malaria Control Programmes with, necessarily, funds in hand to honour agreements reached.

Thanks to this support, AMF has been able to take an important step forward and discuss, at the same time, a series of multi-million net distributions with the prospect of protecting large numbers of people.

The total quantity of nets required is 13.9 million to protect in total 25 million people, all in countries in Africa.

  • 5.2m LLINs to protect 9.4m people, for distribution in July-August 2017
  • 4.6m LLINs to protect 8.3m people, for distribution in July-October 2017
  • 3.0m LLINs to protect 5.4m people, for distribution in March-May 2017
  • 1.1m LLINs to protect 2.0m people, for distribution in July 2017

The total required to fully fund these distributions is US$34.6m, US$9.4m more than we currently have available. We will assess our total funds available in the coming weeks and will either decline funding of one or more distributions or scale back funding for a number of them.

We continue to focus on raising funds to maximize what we are able to contribute. Each additional donation increases the quantity of nets to which we can commit, so every donation matters.

We are also discussing a number of net distributions scheduled for 2018 for which the funding requirement would be a further US$65-95m and we are actively seeking support for these opportunities. In each case, the relevant countries have started discussions to identify funding sources and we hope we will be able to play a part in those discussions.

Further details for these potential distributions