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Funds raised US$566,150,796
Nets funded 256,317,051
People protected 461,370,692

West Kasaï, DRC: 18-months post-distribution check-up data collection

The data collection phase of the 18-months post-distribution net use check-up (PDCU) in West Kasaï is underway.

  • Smartphones are again being used for data collection and to show instructional videos as necessary
  • Building on the 6 and 12 month surveys an improved data collection form has been implemented
  • 12,800 households (5% sample) selected at random being visited unannounced across 578 villages in 8 health zones
  • The data collection phase will take place from 6th June to 25th June 2016

The PDCU gives all relevant parties data about net hang up and net condition and can contribute to ongoing malaria control decisions. There are now indications that the use of smartphones in data collection brings cost efficiencies and other benefits. We will report more fully on this in the months ahead.

Further information on the distribution