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Funds raised US$503,659,976
Nets funded 228,614,618
People protected 411,506,312

The Economist Documentary

AMF features in a recent documentary published by The Economist, called "Charity: how effective is giving?" and the AMF section is from approximately 21 - 26 minutes.

The interview took place with Julian Austin, AMF’s Operations Director, during his most recent trip to Guinea where AMF distributed 4.8 million nets last year.

The discussion includes an overview of Effective Altruism (EA), and highlights the wider benefits to the economy of a country receiving long-lasting insecticidal nets. It is estimated that for every dollar spent in combatting and fighting malaria through bednets, 12 dollars is generated in GDP for that country.

It includes a review of one of the criticisms of the EA community's approach to giving - that giving is not a science and that the EA community appeals too much to logic and hard numbers. Julian's response was:

"We’re here at the hospital today and there are numerous young children who are suffering from severe malaria, and you can see worried parents everywhere. I don’t see a lack of emotion in any of that at all."