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Funds raised US$503,167,628
Nets funded 228,581,047
People protected 411,445,885

Provisional allocation

Donations are marked with a 'P' for Provisional, when the distribution to which they are allocated is NOT yet finally confirmed.

However, it indicates we are at an advanced stage of discussions with the relevant National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and potential distribution partners, regarding a significant distribution in this country. We have made a provisonal allocation of donations to fund the number of nets being discussed.

Distribution may not progress

It is possible, even at a late stage in the assesment process, that the distribution will NOT go ahead for any one of a number of reasons, such as: no agreement being reached on elements of a distribution; pre-distribution activities and post-distribution follow-up, which AMF considers important. If this happens, provisionally allocated donations are made available to fund other distributions.

Impact on the speed with which donations become nets

Evaluating a distribution is typically a multi-month process involving discussions with, and information requests to, an NMCP and one or several potential distribution partners. If we decide not to continue discussions on a particular distribution, it can increase the time taken to allocate donations because further time is likely to be required to assess other distributions. In order to minimise or eliminate delays in allocating donations, we seek to assess, in parallel, a series of distributions that provides a pipeline of distributions we can potentially support.

We will not risk donations

Considerable time has usually been invested in assessing a distribution, so a decision not to continue discussions on a particular distribution is always taken after very careful thought. However, if we cannot feel comfortable a distribution can proceed in an adequately verifiable manner, we consider not risking donations a primary decision criterion.

Status of future distributions